July 2, 2011 By Paul

A great feature spot from Sam

1st July – Performer’s night featuring Sam Cornwell

A fine evening of entertainment was enjoyed once again on a warm Friday evening. Simon MC’d with his usual style and kicked off the evening followed by Simeon and an emotionally drained Andy Murray fan (yours truly!) who felt much better after vigorously bashing his guitar strings. Sue charmed us with some fine singing and then we were treated to two new performers at the club. Tony gave us some great blues guitar and a fine rendition of Silver and Gold. He was later rewarded by scooping the Shirley Red Lion Folk Club Guest Publication in the raffle – this week it was the latest edition of “The Oldie” featuring an article on Safe Sexegenarion no less! Thruppeny Bit then gave a fine performance of tight harmony singing with excellent word play and lots of fun.

The evening also featured Marten, Nigel, Ric (I love that mandocello!), Betty and the excellent Barry and Ed. I even made an attempt at taking up Simeon’s “Paxton Challenge” and I’m sure that much better attempts will be made over the next few weeks!

The main event was. of course, Sam’s feature spot. It is brilliant to have so many quality performers coming to the club regularly and Sam is certainly one of the best. He gave us a string of lovely songs accompanied by excellent guitar playing and his very engaging performance style. Great stuff.

A warm welcome too to all the people who came for the first time. Do come back again and bring your songs!