September 25, 2010 By Paul

Spruce Bringstein hits the heights

Bring Some Folk Night – 23rd September

What fun we had at Bring Some Folk Night. It was brilliant to see so many new faces there so a big welcome to all of you and I hope to see you at the club again very soon.

Highlights were too numerous to mention but, as well as hearing some first time performers, it was really noticeable how regular performers raised their game and put on some excellent performances. Simeon’s stunning first note followed by just lovely singing, Andrew’s high energy performance, Nigel’s crafted songs and Mick’s unique humour were all prominent.

It was great to welcome Norman to the club for the first time and enjoy his unique brand of engaging performance. I can certainly endorse his comments about Warwick folk club which runs every week on Monday’s and is certainly worth going along to. I have shamelessly used it as a model for our own club and if you want to know more they have a very good web site at so do have a look.

We enjoyed a fine debut  from Jamie. His confident performance makes it hard to believe that he had never played in public before. Well done Jamie!

There was a bit of a band theme through the evening. The now familiar double act of Barry and Ed were greatly enhanced by Bronagh’s lovely fiddle playing. All of the comments that I have had about the evening had Bronagh at the top of their list of highlights. Barry and Ed, we love you both but please bring Bronagh again!!

Nicely Out of Tune enjoyed the fine bass playing of Neil and a particularly lovely bass guitar.

But the highlight of the evening had to be Spruce Bringstein and his eight piece backing band. Julian spent the whole evening getting more and more nervous but pulled off his debut performance in great style. It was certainly huge fun. Well done that man!

On a personal note, I am very happy that I can tell my mother in law that her Cirencester Parish Church Tea Towel has gone to a good home!!

We do it all again on 7th October. Don’t miss it!