March 18, 2024 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s Chat 138

The References I give you are from You Tube Folk Music.
Hi: The lighter Nights are coming, and soon Spring will bring
the Garden back to life .and as you look there are new buds:
The Garden is coming alive after the Winter.
And What Am I thinking About, For Spring Music.?.
Well One real Special guy: Has been on my mind a
He is one of the most famous Guitar players in the World..
and He has backed just Oh So may Famous recordings. You
would never believe.
He was just 19 when I first got to know about him, and Now He is 72.
His Name is RY COODER.
And for a Great recording from Long ago:
Put In:
Ry Cooder Goodnight Irene – Live 1977
Oh!! In the days of “The Jug Of Punch Folk Club;
400 of US sang Our Hearts Out with THAT SONG.
at the End of each session at the “JUG OF PUNCH “
Folk Club. Oh Those were THE Days.
A long time ago I found a recording that Ry Cooder had made,
That has been one of my most loved pieces of Music I know;
Put In:
Ry Cooder Cancion Mixteca
Relax, and enjoy this lovely gentle Music with photos
of Rys Family
And if you like that, here is another of Rys Records ;
I think you may like:
Put in. Ry Cooder Maria Elana.
There is plenty there for you to explore, and enjoy,.
And tell you what: I haven’t played the Old Guy for quite a while.. ]
And I Miss him:
It was just that He was Always there.. I miss Him.

Oh Yes and I know just the Song I would like to hear right Now:
Put In:
Oh ..Yes let’s have Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,
Put In:
Wille Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue eyes crying in
the rain 3.18
Oh That is just a GREAT recording. that goes back
quite a while now. BUT: We Need To remember the
good Older recordings: And OH Boy: This is One of the Best.
So where to now? Well We have had Something Great and
Something Old:
Where do we wander now?
There was a Young Irish Lad I used enjoy hearing: and I found
That He is still singing: Oh SO yes: Put In:
JOHNNY McEVOY Long Long Before Your Time.
So that was looking back at at times We used to know.
And Now I am going to introduce you to one of the New
Voices of the World. Recently This Young Man Won
the Australian Voice Contest.
The Amazing thing is that He Stutters!!
Put in:
YOU Raise Me Up.
Oh What a Voice!. Have Fun Following This Guy.