November 10, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 147

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FORTY Seven

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi Folks.

As I was working on this RAYS CHAT, 

I heard that 

Willie Nelson Had Died, aged 89  on 6th November.

Great Performer Who went on working

even though He had been ill for Many Years: 

He will be sadly missed. 

Put In:

What”ll Do” – Willie Nelson 3.40

YES SAD DAY. I will certainly Miss him. 

SO:  Here We are Officially into Autumn.  

And must expect Cooler Weather. And Yes, it is Cold Damp Days 

with not much to look forward to.

Lets see if we can find a Cheerful piece of Music?

Put in:

Autumn Leaves with Breeze 4.23

There are not many Folk Songs about Autumn; 

So While I  search.. 

Lets hear the voice of Katie Meluha: I do Like Her.

Put In:

Katie Meluha Walls of the World 3.27

Thanks Katie.  And I searched for Something Different:  

and came up with THIS:

Put in: 

If I Need You (With Don Williams) (2008 Remaster) 3.35

And then found a Guy I had not heard before,

Who played a nice Guitar: See how You  like Him?

Put In

Killing Me Softly with His Song Joseph Sullinger 3.17

And following the Gentle Sounds See how you like this:

Put in

Haroula Rose Green Eyes Live 5.00

Nice: She is the nearest sounding to Kate Wolf I have heard.

Yes I Liked Her.


Put In.

THE GAEL from the last of The Mohicans – 

Breizh Pan Celtic 5.40

And following THE DIFFERENT THEME.. 

This a new version of a song You will Know.. 

But this a new version I Like:

Put In:

Take Me Home Country Roads – Southern Raised 4.31

And Here’s how they do Trad Music in Olde Ireland 

Put In:

O’Connor’ s Pub Doolin – Irish Trad Music  2.34   

Didn’t they pack them in!!

And now for my next offering I am going to Play another song from 

Lila Downs. OH Yes: I have become a Fan!! She is just a 

Superb Performer. Well see for yourself.

Put in:

Lila Downs – Fallaste  Corazon (En Vivo) 4.25

WOW!!  How do you Follow That?

Well:  Someone had the idea of matching two very different 

Ladies singing a real Great Song.. Unfortunately One of the Ladies

Is No Longer With Us.  BUT We still do have the recording.

Put In;

Katie Melua & Eva Cassidy – What A Wonderful

What a Wonderful World (Official Video) 2.44

Well, We have had a bit of a chase around, Here and there??

Where to NOW?   Well We haven’t heard from Jack??

Better do something about that:

Put In:

Jack Savoretti –  Love of your Life 3.42

I wonder WHERE TO NOW?

Oh Yes: I know!!    I loved this When I first Heard it:

Lets hear it Again:

Put In:

Jackson Dean – Wings (Lyric Video) 4.26  

I think  the sound of Pan Pipes might Go Well Now?

Put In:

The Sound of Silence’ Padre Neustro (Pan Flute) G GentleSound

So: Where to next? 

Well I have not heard  Finbar Fury for a long time. 

This man I first heard a long, long time ago: 

When He was Part of his Family Folk Group; Called THE FUREYS

Then He Retired ..

and started  All Over Again!! As a Solo Artist.

Yes I think it is time to hear Him again:

Put In

Finbar Fury – Sweet Sixteen – Celtic Connections 4.19

Oh What a Great Man:  total Audience control.

Now?   We come to the end of another Rays Chat.

And there is only One Man We will end with:  

Yes of Course Willie Nelson.

Put In:

Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind – (Official Video) 

Well That’s  another Rays Chat done.

Till Next Time Enjoy Folk ,