September 18, 2022 By Diane Kemp

A very special Ray’s chat, from Ray to club members

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FORTYSix

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:

This  is a more sombre Chat: Than We Are Used To.

As We had the SAD News;


               Queen Elizabeth 2 had died 

                     in the afternoon of

                     8th September 2022.


As: OUR Queen Elizabeth the Second:  She had been part of all Our Lives since She followed the death of Her Father.

And became New Queen during The Coronation in 1953.

AND that to the sad day of Her Death  Has made HerReign the longest reign of ANY Sovereignanywhere! In The World: YES The WorldsLONGEST EVER.  Reign.

OH We will  miss Her. OUR Longest reigning Monarch EVER.

We do not know what Folk Music the late Queen

Would have chosen to have in this Chat?.  Had We asked Her?

So Just what Our First Choice Be?

What Music is suitable for this sad time?.

Well; We do know that The Queen had a liking for the Pipes:

AND always had The Pipes played for Her, each New Day. 

Her Piper would travel to Wherever Her Majesty Would Be Staying.

So: That a Pipes a Scottish Pipe Lament would be heard by The Queen;

Every morning.  Wherever She was.

So it would seem a Bagpipe lament would seem a good choice.

For our First Piece of Music.

Put In:

Bagpipe Lament for a Friend 3.00


Just how we follow that ? 

Perhaps Something simple?

So: Our thoughts can be with Our new King:

As He Takes-On The Heavy load of the task 

Of being Our New King.

Perhaps this will give some Peace of mind ?

Cleo Laine and James Galway

Put In:

How, Where, When (Canon in D Major), P 37) 3.45


Now To Find something We can that followthat with:

Put In:

Dame Judie Dench Sings “Send in the Clowns” – BBC Proms. 4010    

To most PEOPLE:   Queen Elizabeth Second

had been their Queen for all of their LIFE.

AND:   Now: We all have to get used to:

A new name: 

                    KING CHARLES 3rd 

So many Things will change.

We will have to get used to:

A New Head on Coins, and Stamps.

And It will sound strange Hearing the name ;


Other Royal Titles change:

We have a New “PRINCE OF WALES.

AND So Other Titles will change.

Let US  wish Our New King A Happy Reign.

We will all  know that a New day has come.

Put In:

Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come (Official HD Video) 4.19

We  know that Our New King is a keen Gardener, 

and wonder if He will ever be able to spend time with Nature.

As, He would like to do?  

Perhaps; Our New King will find Music will Helpsoothe the mind, 

And ease the burdens of the new responsibilities that He will now have to carry. Will this Music? That Comes from Secret Garden

Help ease the burden of responsibility, that Our New King Has to carry.`

Put In

Song for a New Beginning – Secret Garden3.23

Think FOLK