November 22, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 105

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Five   

Hi Folks. 

Last time we did a bit of Remembering some of the Good Oldies:  

And for starters this time I have found one of those wonderful Get Together meets where lots of famous Folk Singers are at a Gathering.  SEE HOW MANY YOU RECOGNISE… Before they tell you at the end Who they are.  Some real famous names there.

Put in:

JUDY COLLINS, Kingston Trio, Mary Travers – “All My Life’s a Circle” 1982.

That’s a whole lot of oldies, Wonder How Many You Recognised?.   

And then I had one of those unplanned things.. I heard a Song start playing..  It was Someone I had NEVER heard of … And I liked it.. and it had a Great harmonica backing..  

SO!! I thought…Yes I reckon I know Who would like this.. 

But I wasn’t sure if the voice was male or female?   

Yes it is; Male So 

Put in:

Ray La Montagne – We’ll Make It Through (Official Video) 6.03

OHHHHHHH!!  I loved it.. played it again.. 

I Thought it was a Great FIND…and those Old photos are Intriguing..  And What an unusual voice?  Lets try another .

Put in: 

Ray Montagne – I Was Born To Love You(Lyric Video) 4.14

But I guess true Folk People are going to say:  No NO it’s Not Folk??  YES:  I’m just sayingWell it’s “Different!!!!!

And I liked it.

Another tune just keeps coming into my head.. by a Great Singer.  Oh!! IAN Tyson really is at the top of my list of great singers 

And since I found this song it really has become one of those tunes  that I JUST love:  I find myself singing bits whilst I’m doing things around the place.                    

Put in:

Ian Tyson Springtime in Alberta 3.51

JUST A GENTLE Song so perfectly sung.  

I really do think Ian Tyson is one of the Very Best of the Cowboy singers:  Great voice, Great style: Just listen how He sings this:   

It is a Really is a GREAT Song Superbly sung.
Put In:

Ian Tyson Cowboys Don’t Cry 3.30

Well: I guess it is time for some of the New Guys:                   

And this is an Indie guy. Who I have played before ;                            

Who I do rather like:

Put In:

gregory alan isakov – san luis 4.32

And We need a lady, after all those men..  and I know just the one; Not heard Her for quite a while so lets hear her now:

Put In.

Boots of Spanish Leather – Nanci Griffith 6.14

Great singer; Great voice. Great Bob Dylan Song.

And now I have found a lovely Gentle Song from one of My very favourite Lady Singers; Sadly No longer with Us. Just relax with maybe a Gin and Tonic and let Kate Wolf serenade you:

Put in:

Kate Wolf  CLOSE YOU 5.47

Just enjoy some Superb singing from Kate Wolf.. 

BUT then Everything She Did was Always THE BEST.   

And now I am going to choose a Group that are really talented and I think it is time I played something by them:  I am talking about Mandolin Orange:

Put In:

Mandolin Orange – Hey Stranger (Live on the Current) 3.30.

YES Great Group.  They do a Great Version Of Boots of Spanish Leather.. 

if you want to compare it to  the Nanci Griffith Version.Go look.

Now, I am following that with some Gentle stuff; 

And; Here I have for you a famous Son.. singing a Song that I am liking a lot… 

Yes nice sound:   And this Young guy is following in his Famous Fathers footsteps!! WOW!!  

That must be hard.. When your Dad is Willy Nelson.

But I like it.  Maybe He will get to be as famous as His Dad?

Put in

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Rea – Forget about Georgia 4.23,

And What Do You Know.. 

I have found a song with Willie Nelson singing with His 2 boys. 

Put In:

Can I Sleep In Your Arms 4.18

HEY!!   And I am sure that tune is THE RED RIVER VALLEY??

Well I suppose Why Waste a good tune?

Remember in RAYS CHAT 96:

I found a Singer Who I had never heard before.

I loved his voice and his lovely laid-back gentle style. 

and since that day: I have been finding more and more of his songs:  YES: I have got rather hooked on Mickey Newbury, love His Songs:   So sad He is no longer with us.  

I do so much like his so gentle style:

So to end this Rays Chat: 

I am letting Mickey Newbury sing a Song I had never heard before.

This song, is just about the Longest song I know ; at 9.59 mins:

But it has some real good videos to go with it.. 

and I am sure will it will touch some hearts.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury – A Long Road Home 9.59

Thanks Mickey.. Wish you was still with us

    Till next time Keep Smiling