November 6, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 104

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Four   

I was listening to some of my Older records;  OH I have some Greats!! OH YES;  So!! For Our First Song Let us have a Great Singer that died young.

Put in:

Sam Cooke a change is gonna come 1963

OH What a great loss His premature death was. Superb Singer.

Lets have another of his songs: But Which One??So many Greats??

How about this:

Put in:

Sam Cooke – Unchained Melody 3.32

Just superb singing.. Miss You Sam.

OK:  He wasn’t Folk.  But Over the years There are a few singers I want to listen more than Sam. And lots of singers say It was SAM that influenced them. GREAT GUY. SAD LOSS.

BUT: there are lots of newer People that are making Lovely Music:

These next guys I Like a lot: Yes; I have mentioned then Before. But Listen to this!! ……It’s a great song. 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Music Travel Love (Grand Canyon)(Creedance Clearwater Revival 3.57

Thanks Guys!! Just a lovely Version;                                                                   Sometimes it is amazing how a different Artist can perform the same Song and give it a completely different presentation:                                    Just listen to this:

Willie Nelson ft Paula Nelson have you ever seen the rain 4.35

Well there you are Two versions of the same song.. and I love them both.   Which Do You choose?  

And then I had one of those great things happen..               Diane introduced me to a NEW Singer. A Lady I had not heard before; and I do like her. So I think will share her with you so you can  decide it She is going on Your list of “Want to hear again?”

Put In:                                                                                                              Heidi Talbot – If You Stay 3.00

Yes, I am sure I will be playing More of Heidi. Nice find.

And Do you Remember This Oldie?:  This was BIG  in His day.                                      Put In:                                                                                                              Marty Robbins  – Cool Water 3.12   Yes : That was a real blast from the past    

OK: Let’s have a real change. This is one of my Most favourite Songs..  And this is sung by the guy that wrote it with a background of really lovely Irish scenery:                                                     Put in:                                                                           Beautiful Country Folk Music! Best Love Song! Most Romantic Love Songs! Top Irish Celtic Covers 4.02

And!! Where will I go from here?     Well You know that there is a Great singer that I really think is one of THE BEST.  Yes It’s Ian Again. Here He is singing a real nice Gentle song:                    Put In:                                                                          Lights of Laramie  Ian Tyson 3.26                                         I do think Ian was one of the Very Best singers EVER.

And I found this: Oh So gentle Song he recorded in the later stages of his life:  It’s Just a simple a backing with a bunch of kids..  I love this.                                                                           Put in:                                                                                 Ian Tyson  – A Song for Spirit 4.28                                         I could listen to more of Ian.                                                     I Think He really was one of the Greatest.                                                                If you like Ian Tyson.. There is Lots out there for you listen to.   He recorded a Great catalogue of Songs..                            

NOW  How do I follow that?                                                                         Well it’s got to be something gentle and it’s about time we had a Lady sing for us?  And I know just the one.Linda Ronstadt                                   Put in.                                                                          Desperado (2025 Remaster) 3.31                             Great older Song.  That got a lot of plays in it’s day.

And Now another Blast from the Past ,                                    This goes way back . I wonder?  Do you Remember it ?.                           I was luckyenough to see hear Donovan in the early             days of his career. And even at  (I thinkHe was 19)                            He Really was Good.    See how you like this:                                                               Put in:                                                                          Donovan & Crystal Gayle – Catch The Wind 2.56           A Great Blast from the Past. Still sounds Real good. 

And from one Gentle Singer; To One of the Best ever Gentle singers.. Who often wrote his own songs:   This is one of John Denver Songs that is not as well known as many I have mentioned in the past.  But Good Song.  Enjoy.

Put in:                                 

John Denver- The Wings That Fly Us Home 4.15

I started by saying I had been searching my Old recordings… 

and as you may guess I Do have quite a few of the Ian Campbell Folk Group: and: this Song by Brian is very worth listening to.

Put In:

Dirty Old Town Ian Campbell Group2.40

One of the Great Songs

And We have arrived at yet another Last Song:  

Remember  found a Guy I had never heard of that I Really liked..    ~real find for me. I loved this gentle way of singing, and I like the way he sang this song Which I had NEVER Heard before..          So I Hope that you will enjoy this. I like it a lot.    

Put in:

Mickey Newbury  – – Angeline. wmv 5.15.

Till next time Keep Smiling