October 4, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 101

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred and ONE. 

No Dear…it’s Not ME that’s 101!!  

It’s My Chat is 101:

Still: We Can’t meet in our Folk Club:  And I know So Many of US: Are So missing THE FOLK CLUB.  So Much:  I just hope I can bring you some memories of Happier Days with My Music Selections:

So Where to start?:  It is Officially Autumn

So Put this in:

Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves 4.55

Oh that was Good:  But How Do I follow That?: 

Well: Ed Sheeran also has a Song called AUTUMN LEAVES

Put in:

Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran 3.32

I just Got to say: EVA WINS For Me.   BUT, ED Got some real

Write-Ups for this Song; and His Gentle Guitar work.

And Now for a Real Oldie; a vintage Singer Who was always a Top favourite of mine; way back from 1950’s.

Put In:

Jo Stafford, Autumn Leaves (1950) 2.34

Yes real vintage: When THAT was As She Sang it.  (No Editing) in those days.  Oh Joe was just GREAT.

Now just listen to Jo sing this:

Put in:


Remember: ONE TAKE!! WOW!! What a Singer, And some real good Orchestration work.

Oh those Oldies:. We should Not forget  how good some of them

Were/Are.  There are a lot of those Great Guys (No longer with Us);

That have left Great songs for US to listen to;

See what you think of this from a long time ago?.

This guy is still alive.. Is a GREAT Favourite of mine;

Put in:

Ian Tyson Cowboys Don’t Cry. 3.30

Superb Singer; and He wrote many of his songs himself:

I always want to hear more Of Ian.  And this is one of the very best He ever recorded: And Remember He Wrote it as well.

Put in:

Ian Tyson – Someday Soon 3.45

This is one of My TOP Favourites of ALL Times;

And; NO One Sings it Better than Ian himself.

Now a change of mood..  Something Gentle.. This is an Old Roy Orbison Song.. But listen what it sounds like as a Guitar SOLO:

Put in:

Ricky King – California Blue 4.00

Good Song.. One of Roy Orbisons best:  OK NOT FOLK.. 

But Great to listen to.

And: I have some Gentle melodies to keep thatsoothing gentle Mood going..  Memories of Happier days when you could maybe have lazy days on some lovely Greek island.  

Oh Memories: And I have the Perfect  Music to remind Us of gorgeous days; now just Memories.

Put In:

Perigali – Mikis Theodorakis  4.07

Total Magic.

But We are Drifting… Let Us get back to chatting about Folk and where the future will lead us??  In Rays Chat Number 84: I played you New Guy called CALUM SCOTT.

and said I would be wanting to hear him again… and so

Put this in:

Calum Scott & Ilse DeLange – You Are The Reason | Live bij Radio 358 (2018)3.28

That was good for me. What Did You Think??

That was Something NEW. .Now Let’s have Something Older.

AND: This is rather Special recording from earlier days

It is Joni Mitchell. Singing Her Own Song.. 

But much slower than usual.. 

And WOW!! It is good.

Put In:

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now(HD) 5.29

That is just GREAT:  And: That is VERY Difficult to Follow:

But: I do know another newer lady with a gorgeous voice.

Who I feel sure would be just SO good at filling this spot.

Put in:

Katie Meluha My Love 3.35

Just beautifully sung

Oh Thanks Katie

That Gentle song makes me think of another Lady with a gorgeous voice.. She was: One of the best of the Lady FOLK Singers: 

Always So Good to listen to: But: Sadly, No longer with us:

Listen to this gentle song. 

Put in:

Eva Cassidy – Nightbird 6.17

Superbly sung

Eva was one of the GREATEST.

And: That is So Difficult to follow:  We need something gentle;

I think this might be what we need…Just Gentle Piano Music.  

No not Folk. But  this guy  is just Magic atpiano playing

Put in:

ERNESTO CORTAZAR – Mi Amor por ti 4.44

Now; Some gorgeous Music:  One song has kept Coming Back to Me; since First Played it to you in RAYS CHAT 81.

I Just love this Oh So Gentle recording: And. So I am going to End with it.  This guy is one of the Worlds Greatest Guitarist..  

and his gentle playing is just Magic for me.

So: Maybe you should go sit in your favourite chair and relax, with  Maybe with a glass of wine?? And just sink into this gentle music:

Put in: 


That is Total Gorgeous .. I hope that it  Helpedbring some Happiness to YOU  To Help cope the cares of the World:.

I hope you enjoyed My Gentle Song Choices.And Hope it maybe brings some Peace to you.