September 6, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 99

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT Ninety Nine 

Well I have been chatting to you for almost 100 RAYS CHATS, and I wonder just How Many? Songs WE have listened to?  

No; I am not going to count them!! 

I have wondered Which Song I would choose if I was asked                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         to choose My VERY FAVOURITE SONG?..  Oh what a question!!

I would find it VERY hard to choose

And; I think I would most likely change my mind again, and again.  

But I think there is One Song, I have NEVER tired of: 

Put in:

I Can’t help but wonder where I’m bound 3.41 

Yes: it is an old song from the 60s.. But some of those Old songs really have stood the test of time.. and still sound GREAT: Like this:Put in

The City of New Orleans – Arlo Guthrie

Really Great Song.   But Arlo sang an even better one:

Put in:

Hobo’s Lullaby sung by Arlo Guthrie 3.57

Superb song just so beautifully sung.

I think this is one of the Greatest Folk Songs Ever.

And the story is just as relevant Now as in those days.

The 60’s had so many new young Song writers/Singers that brought a new feel into the Folk World: It really was the time of change. OH YES. 

This was written by the guy Who also recorded it.

One of the VERY BEST FOLK SONGS of all time.  

Put in: 

Ian & Sylvia ~ Four Strong Winds 3.30

And NOW listen!!  The Same Song sung again by the same Duo..

and just listen how over the years they have gently matured. Singing a superb version of their own song.

Put in.

Ian and Sylvia – Four Strong Winds (CBC TV 1986) 5.58

WOW!! You Know!!  That’s the way to sing a Folk song.. 

Superb song:: Superbly sung. 

Oh YES the 60’s really were wonderful songs time.

BUT: So many of the New writers, new performers,  Suffered by singing protest songs.  

Like Pete Seeger Who wrote probably the Greatest Protest Song EVER:  Where have all the Flowers Gone.He was banned from performing IT in the USA for a quite a while.    Yes there was a lot happening in the USA in the 60’s Anti War Movement  Peace Marches.

Put in:

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Remastered 3.04

In those days in the 60’s.. A Young American Guy, was writing songs the Young Clubbers loved: 

Put in:

Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind 2.37

Great Song!

But then He wrote: 

Put In:

Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin’ 1964             

AND THEY CERTAINLY WERE..                                                                   

And:  Moving-on:   Times are still very a Much Changing. FOLK is  ALIVE: and A lot of New Young Women and Guys; are really making some great New Music.. New Sounds.. Great  Sounds. YES different.  And some are Very Good:

I have mentioned this guy before.  

I think He is One of the Best I have heard: and, when He can sing like this.. YES I DO want to hear him:

Put in:

Jack Savouretti – Singing to Strangers (Official Audio) 2.53

This guy has got a Great voice and I like him a lot.  And as

One of the Newer guys:  I think He is going to be Someone to Watch!!   I love the simplicity of this. 

And that was one of the New boys.. 

And now I am going to talk about a Guy who died in the 60’s.

Somehow in 99 chats  I have never got around to talking about him before: His name Mickey Newbury:  Great Singer.. Never seemed to get real famous.  But:   He was Great. Just listen to the simply way he sings this.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury : What Will I do 3.39

Just gorgeous singing.. He died just age 62 in 2002.

And towards the end of his life He made one of the ~ BEST recordings I know of THE AMERICAN TRILOGY  

This is just a simple live recording, version perfectly sung. I like this:

Put in:

Mickey Newbury An American Trilogy 

I love the simplicity of this;  

WOW!! This is a truly Superb version.  

To Me Mickey Was Great. Just listen to the simply way he sings this.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury : What Will I do 3.39

Just gorgeous singing.. 

But there I go again talking of Oldies…  

And it is the Youngsters that are the future of Folk 

There are some really Great youngsters that are Making a name for themselves:  With Different sounds.  

Listen to this:

Put in:

Jack Savouretti – Greatest Mistake (Home Video) 4.59

YES! I really liked that.

See you Next time.                      

                  Ray  Keep Smiling