September 19, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 100 WOOP WOOP!

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred.

Yes: I have been chatting to you for ONE HUNDRED CHATS.  

And I guess It is going to somewhat of a trip down Memory Lane.  

Sort of Homage to the Old Red Lion Club: and a Look Forward to Happier Days When SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB will be GREAT Again.  

SO: Where Do We start ??. 

When I joined the Club; way back in the RED LION days.  

It had been the tradition that the Club Evening, almost always ended  with TWO Guys ending the night..  And One Song kept getting requested; So most weeks the evening ENDED with Barry singing and with Ed on Guitar. Singing; A SONG CALLED  ELDORADO. And:  I had NEVER heard THAT song Before… And: What was amazing :: I could not find it???..NO: Not even on THE MAGIC OF YOU TUBE:  Could find it..

THEN….One Day I DID FiND IT.   A Guy had sang ELDORADO in a Club in Cramlington.  Someone recorded it.. and Put it on YOU TUBE. AND, YES, THIS  IS THE SONG that Barry and Ed used to sing.  So: This really has Very Special memories.  And it is a Great Song.

So listen to these two guys… and think they are Barry and Ed

Put in:  

Ian Bruce  and Stewart Hardy – My Eldorado  (Cramlington Folk Club) 7.31 

And: there was another tradition (in the Red Lion Club):  

That on Special occasions the Committee would all get together and sing a song from the early days of Folk:

Paul would lead them in a PETER, PAUL AND MARY SONG

So: YES… We have GOT to have that :

Put In:  

Peter, Paul and Mary  Blowing in the Wind 3.01

In fact Peter. Paul and Mary Songs WERE AT THE Very founding of the Club.   And another; Who’s Songs  were often heard was John Denver.   And: Many of you know that Simeon is a John Denver Devotee. And, We have been SO lucky over the years to have him sing and play John Denver Songs – (other songs as well of course). AND this is one of the GREATEST of John Denver Songs: Yes You Know it!!

Put In:

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders  5,14

Yes:  Just a GREAT Song beautifully performed  

AND: Did you know that John Denver wrote it?   And if you look you will find that He recorded it very many times..  

And: Hardly any other Artist has ever recorded it…..

Reckon they knew you can’t do better than The Master.

Enough MEMORIES of The Old Red Lion Club!!   That’s GONE.

The NEW SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB  Started. And soon New People were coming along.  As well as most of the Red Lion Members.   And Soon The NEW Club Had a Personality of it’s Own..

The New Club Club was really taking off. And We had some ~Great nights to packed houses.

TILL the Coronavirus Closed US Down.

I am sure You are ALL missing the CLUB.  

Let’s hope someday soon We Can Be Together again!

AND NOW I am going to be somewhat self Indulgent.

As This next guy is One of My Very Favourite singers: Who has given me so much Joy over the years.


He started with his Family Folk Group.  Finbar was Lead Singer with THE FUREYS.   A Group I always rated as Great.  

And THEN: A FEW  YEARS AGO.  FINBAR Retired at 70.   

Yes nice age to go sit in your Rocking Chair.


Yes: He retired from the Group.


YES; AT SEVENTY began making a new Solo career.

And: I just have always rated him.  Not only does He sing:

But He is a Multi Instrument Player:  He is Magic on the Banjo. Plays the Irish Pipes which He is a Champion Player, Tin Whistle and of course the Guitar.

Oh Just listen to this guy FINBAR FURY: singing on a Late Night Show with Imelda May.  The Guy is just MAGIC.

Just listen to this:

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” – Finbar Fury and Imelda May 4.45

I am sure You Got to agree with me.. that is just superb singing.

I do think Finbar is one of the Greatest ever folk Singers.  

And just listen to him sing This song; and He is back with His Brothers for this.

Put in

The Fureys. Dreamin My Dreams 3.53

Oh Finbar.. that is just superb:  I just got to listen AGAIN.

One of the GREAT Things about The New SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB

Is the Very Variety of Music We hear.

So Maybe the First person to perform When We DO GET BACK: might Well sing something from long ago.. maybe like this:

Put in:

Ralph McTell  –  Streets of London (Original Promo Video 1971) 3.18

Incidentally I Remember Ian Campbell saying to me that He considered Ralph the Greatest of the New Age Folk Writers of the 60’s

Or: Perhaps, Someone might sing a Memory of the 60’s When this song was sung for the first time by a Young American who is still with us..

The wonderful Tom Paxton

Put in:

Ramblin’ Boy Tom Paxton 3.58

This has always been a TOP Favourite of mine from when I first

heard it Oh So Many Years ago.  

And Tom is still singing Today

Oh Memories; memories

And NOW To end this 100th  Edition of RAYS CHAT  

I am giving you a Medley of Happy Songs:

YES:  Something YOU can Sing along to:  and Have a Happy Day.

Put in:  

BZN – Country melody (Nathalie – Poor Old Joe -) video Countless Days 6.23

See you Some time after Carona virus,Ray