March 20, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 81

Hi Folks

On Government Advice; The Committee has Closed the Folk Club
until further notice. But: We can still keep in contact on the Web Page. And I can Still Chat with you here:

So: Lets chat about the Early Sixties: That was when Folk really Took OFF… It was then that Folk Clubs were springing-Up Filled with the Young..
AND.. YOUTH was leading the way. People like the young Bob Dylan were writing songs like BLOWING IN THE WIND.. AND DON’T THINK TWICE IT’S ALRIGHT. Great new Songs. Being sung by Young performers.and being listened to by Young.
Pete Seeger Had written that GREAT SONG “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” And “The Peace Movement was Making headway in America, with THAT as their Anthum.
Many Folk Singers were BANNED from Performing in USA (including Pete Seeger). And a Young American Lady Folk Singers: like Joan Baez were getting Known.
I remember: A Lady called Buffy St’Marie. came to “The Jug”
She was a true born Indian Princess And She had just written a Song.. Which She sang..
Put in:
“Universal Soldier”. 2.29
It is a, Brilliant PROTEST SONG: That got Her into a real lot of trouble with the USA Authorities. OHHH YES!!
In UK; The Very Young Donovan was another Performer that recorded That Song’. YES they are there if you want to listen.

Oh YES Donovan. Yes I remember him. As a New Boy:
He was so young looking; Well he was only 19. But He was Good
Put in:
Donovan – Catch The Wind 2.57

Yes: It was The Young that were the New writers. Bob Dylan wrote that song ~ and the young were the New Performers.
But: YES: All THAT was long long ago. And: It is what is happening NOW that is OUR SCENE
So: Lets start looking for What’s Happening NOW.
AND: I was just wandering through. YOU Tube: and came
Upon this guy: Ry Cooder. I had never of heard of him before:
BUT: I found He is rated EIGHTH in the World for His Guitar playing.
Just listen to this:
Put in:
Dark End Of The Street-Ry Cooder 3.27
YES!!? I love his gentle style: I want to hear more:
Put in:
Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca 4.16

Oh !! THAT is So Good I Like that. And the video is just Great
Oh Yes: Ry Cooder is a Great find for Me. (Yes Never
heard him before) I like Him. SO: Yes Let’s Have some more:

Put in:
Flaco Jiminez & Ry Cooder – Maria Elana 6.27
Great playing, He’s Different !!
AND So is This: Here is an ABBA song being played as
an instrumental on the steel Guitar:
Put in:
Chiquitita Abba Guitar Instrumental cover by Phil
MacGarrick 5.17 Well YES that’s different!!
Great Guitar Playing.. Oh Yes I liked it…
And doesn’t the ABBA melody make a Great Guitar Solo??

Lets try Another.
Put in:
Fernando – ABBA Played on Guitar by Eric 3.44
That’s Great!

HEY We have been Flying High!! With New Things!!
But: YES OK: It is time to get back to FOLK:
YES: BUT it is getting So Much harder to define Folk.
You, See: You have New guys like Ed Sheeran
singing across the board.
A Number One Popular singer.. with millions of viewers;
But HE also sings FOLK. And He’s Good.
Put in:
Ed Sheeran- ‘Wild Mountain ‘Thyme’ [Live in FM104]

Another New Guy That is making BIG headlines
Put In:
George Ezra – Budapest (Official Music Video) 3.36
Yes: I Do like Him. I think We will be hearing More of him.

BUT: NOW I have set myself a real problem??
How Do I Follow THAT? I think: We need Something gentle !!
from maybe a Lady: Well this is Lady definitely IS FOLK:
And had a gorgeous voice. So: Yes it is going to be Kate Wolf.
Definitely time we heard from her.
Put in:
Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12
Yes: She is sadly missed, She Died Age 44
Superb Performer. I think She was one of the best Folk Singers
I ever heard. Let’s have another from Kate
Put in:
Where time goes – Kate W 5.36
Oh Kate that was just MAGIC!! Just simply gorgeous.

** Now: *** That really is Sandy Deny’s Song.
AND : I would never have thought anyone could sing that song
as good As Sandy Deny did it. (it is superb by Her)..
But: Just listen to Kate. OHH Magic!!… ​

And then: Something completely unplanned happened…
As: Where Time Goes ,finished: Another song by Kate came-up:
One I had not previously Heard.
And I loved it: So I guess I have got to Give you That song Now:
Put in:
Safe At Anchor – Kate Wolf 6.36
Thankyou Kate Lovely Gentle Song.

I hope that you have enjoyed the choices I have made for you?
Something Old and Something New. So: Till Next time.
Keep Listening Keep Safe.