February 25, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 80! I know….80!

Hi Folks

It’s RAYS CHAT Eighty.

We have got to RAYS CHAT 80.
AND: I see a famous American Folk Singer is on His Farewell Tour and will be at the Birmingham Town Hall on 17th June 2020.
His name TOM RUSH..
WOW.. That will be a Great Night.
Tom is 79 now.
And He is One of the Worlds GREATEST Folk Singers.

He was just 23, When I saw him at “The Jug”..
All those years ago. and He was GREAT.
Oh There were queues at the door that night.. That was a FULL HOUSE at The Jug Of Punch Folk Club.

TOM RUSH was already getting to be a BIG name even then
AND: Tom really was Great that Night:

That was the first time I saw someone “Bottle” a guitar..
You put a Bottle-neck on your finger and slide it up the guitar strings and it sounds like an Hawaiian guitar.

Oh Yes: I have Great memories of Tom Rush.
And; one of the songs He sang was the great Joni Mitchell song:
Put in:
The Circle Game (2008 Re-Master) 5.18
Superb Song; Superbly Sung.

In fact; Joni’s own recording; and Toms vied with each other as Top Recordings of the Song.
GO ON: Listen to both and See which YOU prefer.
They are both Great recordings.

Yes let’s have another song from Tom:
Put in:
Tom Rush – No Regrets 4.10
Tom wrote the Song himself

And then more Famous names recorded it:
Do You Remember:
Walker Brothers – No Regrets 1975

So: here We are: Having got to Page Two and Only talked about Tom Rush. When it had been my intention to talk about.
Early Skiffle Days:
Skiffle, started in America: and I have found this old CLIP from 57.
Put in:
Freight Train – Nancy Whiskey and Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group 2.56

YES: Skiffle: just took off and Everybody was singing it:
I have even found this: Put in:
Freight Train Joan Baez 3.o2
Never Heard That Before.. Didn’t know Joan sang Skiffle!!

AND: then this English guy Lonnie Donegan came on the scene: AND: Oh He was OUR Guy:
Lonnie was the English Skiffle King.
We adored him.
Put this in:
Lonnie Donegan King of Skiffle 7.26
Yes: Skiffle really took off:

Put this in.
Lonnie Donegan Puttin on the Style 2.45
That REALLY WAS OUR SONG: WOW!! That Banjo is really Great.

If you had a guitar!! WOW You were in a Skiffle Group!! And a few pence and you could buy an old Tea Chest.. and that was the Base. Pinch your Moms ~Wash board.. and you were a Skiffle Group.
Did you Ever Hear a Skiffle Group called
The Quarrymen??:
Put in:
In Spite Of All The Danger – The Quarrymen 2.57
And did you know They changed their name …
and became The Beatles.

Another Guy that We youngsters rated was Marty Robbins.
And Marty had released a song in 1957 which really did catch on. Put in:
A White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation by Marty Robbins (1957). 2.33
Oh That was a Truly Great Song

Another Song that Marty made famous was:
Put in: Marty Robbins – El Paso 3.23
Yes We Youngsters loved Marty

It was in the 1960’s that Folk Clubs started taking-off. New Clubs were starting all over. And it was the young that were filling the NEW CLUBS. And the songs they listened to were changing:

The Viennam Was had really changed the American Folk Scene.. Pete Seegers song “Where have all the flowers Gone” had become the Anthem of the Newly started PEACE Movement. And Songs like Bob Dillons The Times they are a Changing”, were the songs that the youngsters were singing.

AND: Country Songs were starting to get Big:
County Roads was released in 1960. Yes; One of THE Greatest Country Songs EVER:
Put in:
John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads (Audio) 2.45
This is: Still one of John Denver’s Greatest songs Ever.

Those Early 60’s days were really MAGIC days,
New Young guys writing “Different” Great New Songs:
Then came “Bridge over Troubled Water”
AND “Sounds of Silence”..
WoW.. Those Wonderful 60’s
Memories!! Memories.