February 9, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 79

                                                                                                               Hi Folks

It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy Nine.

Hi Folks:
I was thinking Who I should feature for CHAT 79.
When I remembered a strong Irish voice. That came into my mind. It was a voice I remember from “The Old days”.
And I think that it is time We talked about:
This Great Irish singer; I was thinking about. Who unfortunately has Long gone.
His name was Luke Kelly: and Sadly He died in in 1983.
I remember Luke’s voice as being Very strong:
Fortunately we have some very fine recordings to remind Us.
Yes: He had a fine strong voice. And sang with The Dubliners for a while; as well as many Solo performances.

Put in:
Luke Kelly The Town I Loved So Well 8.09
He really was a Great performer.

JUST; Listen to his version of The Black Velvet Band:
And I tell you, No one sang it better than Luke:
Put in:
Luke Kelly Black Velvet Band 4.02
And believe or not over 7 Million people had viewed that Clip

But: for Me; it is when He sings slower songs THAT He really is at his best: Just listen to how He sings this.
The Ewan McColl Song “The Shoals of Herring”.
Put in:
Luke Kelly – The (Bonny) Shoals of Herring 4.55
Superb version:
I don’t think you will ever hear that song sung better than that:

Oh Yes: Luke could pull your Heart strings: Just Listen to him singing this next song..
and there are some Great Pictures to go with it:
Put in:
Luke Kelly. Dublin in The Rare Oul Times. Dublin Photos 5.29

Oh Yes: Luke was a very fine singer. Let’s have: One more Song from Luke; And this is probably His Very finest Song.
Put in.
Luke Kelly – Raglan Road [Audio Stream] 4.17

Difficult to follow; Yes. I think We had best have a Lady after Luke?
Yes: My Choice shall be, an Irish Lady; Singing, an Irish Song.
See how you like this:
One of the Very Best Songs; Ever.
Put in:
Carrickfergus – The Most beautiful Irish folk song – Made By Huggie2Love 1.38

Yes: a Gentle Song from a Lady.

And As, We are with Gentle Songs and Gentle Singers. A much loved Gentle Lady comes to my mind.
A Superb Singer, one of the Greatest Singers Ever.
Her Name Sandy Denny.
BUT She Died at the Age of 31:
Very Sad Loss.

I will choose for you one of Her Very Greatest songs
Put in:
sandy denny – who knows where time goes 5.36
(Their small letters Not mine)
A Very Much missed; Superb Singer.

OH! Let’s have another from Sandy.
Here’s. a gentle old song:
Put in:
Sandy Denny – “Whispering Grass” (Live) 3.45
She really was a Superb Singer:

And: Then I found This lovely Song I had NEVER Heard Her sing Before.. Oh Just listen to Sandy’s glorious Voice!!
Put In:
Sandy Denny | No End 6.46
This was a Great New find for Me.. I loved it.

There are lots more of Sandy if you want to explore You Tube.

Time: We had some Instrumental Music.. Something restful maybe.. Try this:
Put in:

So: Where can We go From Here?
Well another Lady with a gorgeous voice, Maybe?:
And here is Famous Lady, singing a very lovely Song.
Put in:
Dolores Keane – The Wind that Shakes the Barley 4.31
A Lovely Song perfectly sung.

And Once again: We are nearing the End of Another RAYS CHAT.
We; have ambled from here to there; Exploring the Music Wonders of YouTube. Listening to the Magic of voices No Longer with Us. through the wonders of recording.
How lucky We are to be able to hear People No longer with us!!

And once again, We are coming near the end of another Rays Chat, and I have this Gentle Song for you
Put in:
Celtic Women – The Soft Goodbye 4.13

And: We have just got time for one of MY favourite song/ Groups.
To sing one more Song for us
Put in
The Fureys – Dreaming My Dreams 3.53

Till we meet again