November 18, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 74

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy Four

Hi Folks, Yes it’s mid November. And so we are nearing the end of, the first year since we left THE RED LION.
And What a Great year it has been. Bigger room so We could have more People join us. And YES Last time We were almost FULL to capacity. Many more than the Red Lion could hold.

And I am delighted That MORE of the Old songs are being sung.
YES: a EWAN MacCoLL Song was featured last meeting.
The Reason RAYS CHAT Was started; was that I felt the Old Songs were being forgotten. So YES Great guys, lets hear more of the Great Older songs.
EWAN MacCoLL was a VERY important figure in the Folk Revival; and Yes it is so good to hear his songs being heard.
Do you Know this one?
Ewan MacColl The Manchester Rambler.
So Here We are in November; Now: How about something different?

Well this is Different.. Maybe not Folk: BUT a Great Song.
It is Actually, a GUNS AND ROSES SONG…. But I think it is well worth listening to: Put in:
Different: I hope you enjoyed it.

YES BUT: Come on Let’s have a proper Folk Song..
And You know there is ONE Autumn Folk Song that I always have loved. The song is “Chilly Winds”.
It was written by an American Folk Singer, John Stewart; Who was a member of the Kingston Trio for a while. He was a Great writer, and a great singer. And Yes It is John singing on this recording:
Put in:
“Chilly Winds” – John Stewart – Rare 1973 Single 3..27

One of MY Favourites Of ALL time. John wrote GREAT songs. Shame He died in 2008.
THE KINGSTON TRIO; when He was a member; really were at the top of the game. The BEST.
I remember buying this: Put in:
Blowing in the Wind by The KINGSTON Trio 3.06

They also recorded Four Strong Winds which is another favourite of mine: Put in: Four Strong Winds –Kingston Trio 2.53

Around this time: LOTS OF New People. Like Bob Dylan Were really STARTING TO MAKE a mark.
Looking back now, I can see that Bob Dylan was a VERY big influence on US young Folk Followers.
Songs like DON’T THINK TWICE Talked our language.
AND: I have found a very early recording, from 1965 of Bob himself Singing it. Put in:
Bob Dylan – Don’t think Twice it’s Alright (1965).

Yes; It was New Young People who were writing new songs:
And the Protest Movement really got going: and new guys: People like Pete Seeger were writing songs like
Where have all the Flowers Gone. He wrote it in 1956.
YES very powerful songs: that We young Believed in: Put in
JOAN BAEZ Where Have All The Flowers Gone 3.03.

The Folk World was changing fast. AND It was The Young that were writing and Singing the songs that were being played in the Clubs It was YOUTH FOLK time. One of the New Groups. Was: Peter Paul and Mary.. And this was one of their Greatest hits.
Put in:
Peter Paul and Mary – “EARLY MORNING RAIN “

About this time. I was Listening on earphones to Radio Luxembourg, late at night: And: I heard a new Young American Guy, 19 years old, singing his first recorded song:
I liked this New voice.. YES it was The Very first time I ever heard Neil Diamond. I Liked him.
And then he recorded a song I still love to hear:
Put in:
Neil Diamond – Red Red Wine (Original 1968) 4.38
Yes I liked that: And I still love his voice.
Although I agree, He was never really Folk: BUT He has made some Great records. And SOME That were very different
Very different. Well worth listening to

Neil sang some VERY different songs. This is one of My favourites.
No: I don’t think it rates as a Folk Song.
But: it is a gorgeous song; sung so beautifully sung
Put in:
Canta Libre – Neil Diamond 4.47

Then in 1964. A new Record came out featuring a New Young
American Folk Singer; WHO became one of the Greatest ever Folk Song Writers. That guy is TOM PAXTON: 82 and still singing
And the song that I have loved ever since I first heard it all those years ago: Is: Put In:
Tom Paxton – Rambling Boy 4.05

But; Perhaps Tom Paxton’s Greatest early song was:
A TRULY great Song that just about Everybody has had a go at singing. And WHO can I choose?? To be the final singer?
Well: I think I know Just WHO that guy that MUST BE.
Put in
NEIL DIAMOND – The Last Thing On My Mind 3.39

And there you are: A Superb Song, Superbly sung.
So: We have wandered; Remembered, and listened to some songs, that made a big impact on the Folk World.
And Made a BIG impact on ME.
Songs that were maybe recorded before some of you were born.
I hope I have guided YOU to some of songs Maybe you have Never heard before:
OR: Maybe You said.. OH YES..I remember THAT.
Till Next time.