November 3, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 73

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy Three

Hi Folks:
In the Last RAYS CHAT; We had a trip Down Memory Lane:
And it set me thinking of the early days OF THE Folk Revival. Days in the 60’s.
That was when new Folk Clubs were springing-up all over.
Clubs like Ian Campbells JUG OF PUNCH.
Where 400 of us would meet Every Week. This New Folk Sound, was what We youngsters were loving. New Sound: with Young New guys writing New Music. And one of the young writer/Singers; you don’t hear so much these days: BUT was SO important to the Folk Revival; was Ewan Mcoll.

I remember Ian Campbell saying to me that He considered Ewan was one of THE MOST important Writers of those early days.

So: Let’s Listen to Ewan singing one of his own songs, that He wrote in 1949: YES as long ago as That!!
Put in: Dirty Old Town – Ewan McColl 2.05

Great GREAT Song. Sung by Oh! So Many people. But you have a job to beat Ewans own rendering.

AND: Another of Ewan’s songs, that was recorded in the very Early days, was Shoals of Herring.
It tells the story of the real hard life a Herring Fisherman had in those early days. Great Song:
And I have chosen one of My favourite groups to sing it for us:
Put in:
Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem –Shoals of Herring 2.36.
You might say: Why choose an Irish Group? to sing an English Song;
And; Why Not Ewan himself?? He is there singing his own song??
Well: Variety. Is my excuse.
Plus the fact The Clancy Brothers were one of, My FIRST FAVURITE GROUPS. and I think they do it well.
AND: OH YES!! The Irish; What Great singers they are!!
Whenever an Irish Group came to The Jug Of Punch;

Another favourite Group of mine Was the Fureys;
Although They never came to the “JUG”,
But I bought their Records; LPs, in those days.
The Fureys Had a Magic for me in those Early Days.
And I still find them a JOY to listen to. And: Finbar Fury really is One of MY VERY TOP GUYS.
Listen to him here: OH!! that Banjo WOW!! Magic Playing!
Put in.
The Fureys – When You Were Sweet Sixteen 4.14
Still one of my Very favourites

But: There was one Irish name older Folk enthusiasts will know well: Who was to form one of the Greatest Ever Folk Groups. EVER. And that was Ronnie Drew.
Yes: In 1962 He formed THE RONNIE DREW GROUP.
BUT: That was soon changed to become THE DUBLINERS.

SO: YES OF course I just HAVE to have THE DUBLINERS.
But which song? One list says Their Number One Song is IRISH ROVER. But: for Me No One sings THE BLACK VELVET BAND better than Them. So I’m Choosing THAT:
Put in
The Dubliners – Black Velvet Band 4.30

Yes I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE Irish Groups: They still are Magic for Me. BUT: Most of you never knew the Magic Spell, that Ian Campbells JUG OF PUNCH Club cast over us each week. It finished early 70’s

BUT too much talk: And time we had a Song. And this is an AUTUMN SONG.
And They are not even Folk Singers. But They sing a Great Song.
AND: it is a Great Autumn Song That I’m sure You will like:
Put in.
Moody Blues ,Forever Autumn 4.34
Would you believe That was from ten years ago.

And whilst we are in NOT QUITE FOLK Mood.
One of my Very Favourite Singers from Really VERY early days was a lady called: JOE STAFFORD. She sang songs across the board; which sometimes included Folk Songs.
And in her spare time She sang with a Group called The Pied Pipers, That was in late 30’s 40’s.. Who were very famous.
Jo sang, the next song, Autumn Leaves a long time ago.. And I still think No One has EVER Sung it better:
Put in:
Jo Stafford – Autumn Leaves 2.38
Just Magic!
I still think, Jo was one of the Greatest Singers EVER. She really could sing anything; And if you liked Her singing AUTUMN LEAVES!!
Try Her singing SHENANDOAH.
Just gorgeous singing.. and remember in those days.. it was just what the microphone picked-up.. They couldn’t do all the editing that goes on today.

So: We have had another trip down “Memory Lane”; perhaps hearing Singers you had never ever heard before??!!
Well guess it’s time to give one of the New Guys a listen?
Put in:
Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves – LYRICS 3.25

And so: Another Rays Chat has meandered on.
memories of this and that.
And somehow We have come to the End of Chat 73.
I hope I have introduced you to something New? TO YOU?
Perhaps reminded you of songs, and Singers, you had forgotten?.
I look Forward to more Chat next time.