July 21, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 68

Hi Folks 

It’s RAYS  CHAT Sixty Eight

Hi Folks:


So it’s Holiday time; and I guess thoughts of basking in the Sun maybe in your mind?  Perhaps you have plans on going to a favourite place; or Somewhere where the sun shines and the Sea is Blue:  One of my favourite places isthe Greek islands.   

So let’s start with a song you are bound to hear if you go to somewhere touristy in Greece.  Put in

Zorba The Greek Dance By The Greek Orchestra Emmetron Orchestra HD 4.03

It must be one of the most played Greek Tunesever. 

And Somehow it is so infectious:  Oh that Bouzouki is just Magic; The music is just so good;  YOU just You find yourself joining in the dance. IT IS WONDERFUL.

But: Maybe, You think It’s Just Tourist stuff!!?

Well YesBut ..it has Historical roots.

Zorbas Dance, was actually written for the film ZORBA THE GREEK.  Which was released in 1964.

BUT: it was based on a couple of very old Cretan Melodies  and an old Dance called Sirtaki.

Sirtaki is a much more complicated  Traditional Dance.  And it goes way back in History.  Watch this:

Put in:

Greek Dances Suite Sirtaki by National Dance Ensemble Romiosini 7.10

Oh I love Greek Music just to hear those guitars and bouzoukis takes me right back to some of the lovely Greek islands;   Lets have some moreGreek Music.

Do you Remember Demis Roussos?  (He Died in 2015): 

Well I have found a Greek Song He sang with Nana Mouskouri.

Put in: 

Nana Mouskouri & Demis Roussos  – To Gelakaki 2,58

But: Perhaps you prefer some other place for your Holidays.

AND: I guess Spain is one of the most Popular places?  

So here is a lovely Spanish Traditional Song: Put in


OR:? Do you wish to go for Maybe something maybe More Exotic??  Well try this:  

Put in:

Spanish Eyes by Mollee, Nick and Ray – Steel – Drum and Ukelele and Cajon, avi 5.12

Ok Maybe not exactly Folk!!.  

But Great Holiday Music.  Somehow the sound of a steel drum just makes you think of Sun and Happy Days.

Well over 4.5 million people had watched and heard this when I heard it: 

But: if you think THAT is a lot of People.. Just wait till you know how many people have watched the next one that I have chosen for you!!.?

AND: We really are going truly exotic for the next one.  

Oh I am sure you must have heard this Song many times: 

BUT..NOT LIKE THIS?!!???   Wow This IS Special.

Put in:

Leo Rojas – El Condor Pasa (video Clip) 3.1

That is truly Magic performance!!.

And you will never ever guess how many People had viewed it when I found it: YES:  189,305,828.  WOW!!

YES!!   Can you believe that!!!?

But: forgetting all that: TravellingHas become such a hassle!!  Maybe you long for something with less hassle.  Perhaps something nearer home..  SO OK: Then you may decide to stay in the UK;  for your Summer Holiday. Some Gentle English Sea Side Town??  Wales, or Scotland.  

Well YES: Scotland in the Summer can be Very Beautiful.  

YES it can be Great there?  The Lochs and the Mountains.

And: let’s listen to a very famous Scottish Folk Song I am sure you will know: Put in: 

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond – Ella Roberts 4.40

Lovely old song beautifully performed with a great video.

AND NOW: I found something that gave me a real laugh.. 

from one of my old favourite Groups, The Corries.  Put in:

The Corries Scotland the Brave (Humorous3.31

Well it’s good to have a laugh!!

Or: Perhaps You may choose somewhere else Very laid back:!!  Forgetting all that Airport Hassle: 

Maybe choose  some gentle Holiday!  in England’s Green and Pleasant land. Strolling through Gentle green fields; and woods; with the green leaves of Summer.  OH YES Green Leaves of Summer

Do you remember That.??? Brothers Four Green Leaves?? 

Well I guess We just got to have that:   Put in


And I have just got time for a lovely recording of Greek Songs with a gorgeous Video of the Greek islands:  Put in:

Beautiful Greece with song of Nana Mouskouri  7.40

Now you know Why My Special place is the Greek islands.

I wonder just Where your Special Place will be?

Well: Wherever; Have a lovely time.  AND: 

Come back refreshed ready for the Autumn session of the Club.                       

When it will be Nice Chatting to You Again