July 6, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 67

Hi Folks:

WOW!! So Many THANKS to you all who made Friday 5th July such a wonderful CLUB night.. MY NIGHT.  You are a Wonderful bunch of People and I am so overwhelmed at your Collective Kindness to me.  VERY MANY THANKS.


Thank Goodness Summer has arrived at last!! 

On one of those rainy day: I was Looking back thro some real old stuff; I found this; Put in: 

The Story of American Folk Music 5.

This really is about the time when I really got into Folk.

It is well worth watching; about early Folk days. YES do watch.

OH YES:  THE KINGSTON TRIO.. We young Folk guys just loved them. In those early days.  I have some of their early LPs.  

BUT: The Purists did not count them as Folk.. OH NO. Folk in those days still was; An Older Guy standing unaccompanied; droning through about 20 verses of some (pretty Boring stuff).

But: New songs like TOM DOOLEY were Just starting to be sung; and that was GREAT stuff to us youngsters..  Put In

The Kingston Trio  Tom Dooley 1958:

Oh Yes we liked that…  

This was our kind of Music:  We had already got into SKIFFLE. And.  Then; Marty Robbins recorded A WHITE SPORTS COAT in 1957.    Really GREAT Song.  And Anybody Who was Anybody Recorded it. If you want something to do on a Wet afternoon.  Try to find Your Best Version:  There are very many different versions of “A White Sport Coat”.. lots to choose from.   

Marty Robbins had a very Big Following and another great recording He Made:  was, Put in:

Marty Robbins- El Paso (Audio)  4.20

This was a very popular song.. and indeed is a very Great Song.

Well look how many choices you have on YOU TUBE..Dozens! Everybody sang it.   Yes it still is a GREAT Song.  Do Listen.

Then: A New young Joan Baez:  recorded  (probably one of the Greatest Folk Songs EVER): Put in: 

Mix – Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust 4.46

AND: A New Group Peter, Paul and Mary;Started having Hit after Hit EARLY MORNING RAIN:  500 MILES:  PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON.  WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE.  

The list goes on and on.   Then: they recorded a nice Gentle Song by Ewan McColl. Put in:

Peter Paul and Mary The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 3.39

The Folk Scene really was getting some great Songs: And NEW Young  Great Performers:  and  MORE Women singers.    Another real early Lady.. (and still singing today) is – is JUDY COLLINS. And I have found this Superb Song being sung by Judy

Put in:  

Judy Collins – Someday Soon Live (1966)

Those of you that have been with me a while.Will know that this song written by Ian Tyson is one of my very favourite songs, and Judy does a good job with it.

YES the 60’s was the time When Folk really started to have a much larger following.. And YES it was the Young that were filling the new Clubs  And it was young Writers and young Performers, that were filling the Clubs..   People like the new boy DONOVANjust 19.  Writing his own songs.  Like:  Put in:

Donovan –Try And Catch The Wind (live 19652.17

And a Young American named Bob Dylan was really starting to 

Really have a BIG name.   And if you look at the list of his songs

OH?? Which One to Choose??

Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright

Times they are a Changing

Blowing in the wind 

Mr Tambourine Man  And; on and on.

But: I think I’m Going for this:  Put In:

Bob Dylan Blowing in the wind  2.50

Superb Song..:   It was a new sound.  We loved it.

And another young American guy wrote songs that I really liked, and He is still singing today, at the Age of 82

I am talking about Tom Paxton.

And all these years later I still rate THREE of his early songs; as among MY Very Favourite Songs.  I am talking about 


CAN’T HELP but wonder where I’m bound

And they are all three on that original first album from 1964.. Now which will I choose.. Well Ramblin Boy is my favourite. 

But I have used that before..  

Perhaps Can’t Help But Wonder will be what I choose this time.. Oh But WHO to sing it?.   There are lots of GREAT versions.. and indeed the young Tom Paxton made a very good job himself.. The Kingston Trio did a great job.     But I quite like this little known version:  put in:

The Chad Mitchell Trio – I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound 3.00  

It has a good video with it

This song sort of summed-up My Own feelings at that time.

I really do think, it really IS one of the BEST EVER Folk Songs. It really was MY song.As,My Own life was really changing about that time.

And NOW: I am going to squeeze in One last song, as it sort of suits ME as I am Now.:  Put in: 

ALAN JACKSON – The Older I Get 3.53                                                                                       

It has been: A trip Down Memory Lane  Summer is here Now: Holiday time: So we’ll talk about that next time:                     Ray