June 23, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 66

Hi Folks: 

With all the rain!!  No Gardening in that stuff.  So I found time to

sort through some of my Old records: And foundan old EP​

A real blast from the past. By: The Ian Campbell Group (One of the first records they made)

EP  “THE SUN IS BURNING” which Ianwrote in 1963. It is about the Nuclear Bombing of 1945.

(Ian wrote it and His Sister Lorna Campbell sings it on the EP)

It is a VERY Powerful and Moving Song and Lorna sings it from her Heart.  

Put in:

The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Sun is Burning 2.20.

Then; to my surprise… Searching through Songs that Kate Wolf has recorded.  I found That SHE, ALSO. had recorded the Same Song. And.. OHH!! It is THE Most Moving and Wonderful version I have JUST got to Have this: 

Put In:


WOW!!  How can you choose between thosetwo versions.

Both superbly Sung.  Both for me:  are THE BEST.

Then:  I had an Amazing Find..  Well amazing for me..                                       

Because this is a song I had Never heard!!

For many years I was a member of THE JUG OF PUNCH. 

(And Knew Ian and Lorna Campbell. Very Well)

And Yet: I had Never heard Lorna sing this song.

Which was Written by Brother Ian.

I was really surprised as I thought I knew ALL their recordings

So Of course I MUST HAVE THIS.  

I just love Lorna’s voice

Put in: 

It’s Over Now 4.44

OHH What a lovely voice Lorna had.  

And; Ian was a superb Song writer.  This really is a lovely song beautifully performed by Lorna  Lovely voice. She was Opera trained.      I am really taken with this song. And it really is a Great find for me.  

Amazing finding a Lorna Song I had not heard!! WOW. 

Guess what Song is going to be played in my home?!! Over and over.    I truly did find this a Wonderful Recording.. Beautifully Played and Sung.  Oh what Wonderful Memories Lornas voice brought back.. Wonderful times. Wonderful Friends:  Wonderful “Jug of Punch”.   Yes I will want to hear this again. And Do You believe this?..   Only, less than 2,000 people ,had listened to this when I found it.    I Cannot BELIEVE THAT.

Shame it deserves to be Oh So much betterknown. But Now you can be one of the SPECIAL GROUP. Who know the song.

And: it also has the MAGIC of Dave Swarbricks Fiddle.  

It is worth listening to: just for THAT!!     

Go onlisten to it AGAIN!! This really is a GREAT Recording Wonderful find.  Tell others. YES do.

So few People know it

It’s your Lucky Day.  I have given YOU 3 Fantastic recordings.  To listen to.

BUT: How the heck’’’? can I follow that?!!…  

Well; it has got to be a complete Change of Mood.. YES?  

OK?   So:  How Do You like this:

Put in:

Isla Grant – When the Day is Done 3.19

I had never heard Isla Grant before.. Yes New to me.. 

I Quite like her gentle style.. 

AND There’s lots more of her Out there if you like her!!

Then I asked the Computer for a nice Gentle Song?

And it gave me this: Put in:

George Strait – The Chair 2.54

YES:  Nice Gentle singing from George.  

Do you want another from him?  Put in:

You Look So Good In Love George Strait 3.09

Now I must tell you this:  

Ever since RAYS CHAT SIXTY TWO.  When We talked about

Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention.

I have had the same song keep coming into my mind.

Usually as I sit writing this Chat.. All kinds of song are whirling through my mind.. and I just sort of think:: YES let’s go That way.

BUT Sandy Deni just kept coming into my Mind with her superb song..  and I have just HAD to listen to it over and over.. So YES : I am going to say  

We must listen again to this truly GREATsong again.  

And something I learnedit was the very First song that Sandy wrote.  Put in;

Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes with Sandy Denny) 5.10 

How Do I follow That!!!!!   DIFFICULT! 

BUT: I have found something that will Get you joining-in.  Bet you do join in? !!!   

Put in:

Cotton Fields (Playing for Change) Song Around the World 3.15

So: We have really wandered this time.  Taking you through Deep meaning songs, of Historical events. Thro Superb Folk Songs.   And some Country style; And Crazy Foot tapping Music.

And now to finish I have found you another gem from that favourite of mine Kate Wolf:  Put in:

Kate Wolf SOME KIND OF LOVE 4.19

Oh!! That gorgeous gentle voice.  

So another Rays Chat is at an end.  

I Hope that you Enjoy the GREAT songs I find for you?!

And; I wonder Where my wanderings will take us next time? 

Nice being with you.