March 17, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 60 (blimey!)


Hi Folks 

It’s RAYS CHAT Sixty

Hi Folks: 

So: Here We are settled into our New Home. Elizabeth & Jameson were out main guest and gave us a GREAT night: BUT, It is YOU the Club Members that have made it work.  

I hope that We can look forward to Many Happy times together.

Remember!! Last time (in Chat 59); I mentionedthat 

Steeleye Span were on Tour to Celebrate 50 Years.  

WOW!!  Yes Truly a magnificent achievement.  But I had not any room for a song. YES: 50 years; and still going strong.  

SO, WE MUST have a song from them, right now.  And this must be one of the MOST famous English Folk Songs EVER!!.. Dates back to Medieval times. And it you look at the list.. there are just SO MANY versions,  But: this must be The most famous:  Put in:

All Round My Hat 1975  4.27.

This is a restored  recording from their early days; in fact 1976.

If you look on YOU TUBE you will find OH So Many versions. Of this song: 

There is even one with LAUREL AND HARDY DANCING TO IT!!.

Now Do you remember a couple of weeks ago at the Club;  

Tod sang us that lovely old Welsh Song Myfanwy.. 

Real Old Song: That dates back to 1875.  And it set me thinking We just have not had enough Welsh Songs on RAYS CHAT.  

And I must rectify that.  And What better way than Having a Welsh Male Voice Choir…And THEY ALL have sung Myfanwy.. 

So which one?  Well try this: Put in:

Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir – Myfanwy 2.43

You have to agree That is great!!  Thanks Tod for reminding Me of Great Welsh Songs:

Ok So We have had a welsh Song: 

So: Now here is a real old Irish Song. Put in

The Fureys & Davey Arthur – When you Were Sweet Sixteen – Very Rare Music Video 4.19

Oh What memories.  This version of this LovelyOld Song was recorded in 1981.  If you search you will find there are OH So Many people sang it – Even Bing Crosby is there. BUT I doubt if you will find any better than: The way the Fureys sing it.  

As we are now with Old Irish Songs Lets have a lady singing a lovely Irish Song.. and you got to be careful here because there are TWO songs with the same title.. 

One Bing Crosby made famous GALWAY BAY.   

But the one I want is this: Put in

Dolores Keane Galway Bay 3.30

Oh this Lady has such a gorgeous voice.

We’ve had the OLD & Gentle: So: Now time to Hear something NEW.  Well He is New to me..A Young English Singer.

I Had Never heard ofhim before; But I like this:  Put in:

George Ezra – Hold My Girl official Video. 3.35

Yes: quite liked him; But  Won’t be queuing-up to hear him Again!!

Now back to something I have not heard for a long time. 

A Bob Dylan Song that never seemed to get sung much in the Clubs.  But it is a superb Song and this is a Great recording: 

I really Like this:  Put in:

Mandolin Orange – Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan Cover) Audiotree Live 6.49

There is some real fine playing there.  Bob Dylan at his Best:

I love it and hope that you do.

Now, a song I have used it before But it is a Well worth hearing again.  Put in;

Nanci Griffith – Speed of The Sound Of Lonliness 4.49

So NOW: Here is a Song you will know. And you will certainly know the Group.  Put in

The Last Thing on My Mind – The Dubliners 3.21

Yes the Great Dubliners:  They are so very much part of the Irish Folk Scene. Although that song is not traditional Irish.

BUT: Enough of the Older Groups and Guys.  

Lets have something from the Newbies??? 

AND: Time for a Lady!!  

And Here is a Lady I had never heard of; singing a different sort of song: See How YOU like this? Put in 

Anna Ternheim – Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely 4.05

Yes: not the usual sort of Folk Song.  But I liked her voice.

Still with NEWBIES: This is another Song I hadnever heard before:  Put in:

Kate &  Anna Mcgarrigle – Hard times come again no more 4.01

And there are other famous singers as back-up singers. 

Watch the video and see if you can recognise some?? 

We are getting near the end.. and I have not played you this before:  Put in:

Imagine (Playing for Change) Song Around The world 4.05

Superb Song and the Video is Great.

Then: Just sometimes something special happens; 

And I think this is one of those Special times: Put in

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 3.11

Oh That is just So Good, Just a Magic combination of voices with a lovely song.   BUT I have Never Ever heard  that song sung Live.

So: We are here at the end of another Rays Chat.And I Hope you have Enjoyed being with me.Perhaps I have introduced you to something you had not heard before. Nice Chatting to you.