February 2, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 57

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Seven

Hi Folks: We move to OUR NEW Home for the 15th February Meeting. YES: We, Move into a New Home; and I feel sure The Club will have GREAT times together in the Future:
It is so good that the Club has such a loyal following. Amazing how many of you turned-up at the temporary Olton venue
And it is YOU guys that will make the New Home Work.

Folk Clubs, are a relatively recent Thing.
It was only in the late 50’s/ 60’s that Folk Clubs really got going.
Up to then, there were very few places where Folk Songs were sung.. and Then mostly by Older Men. Singing songs with too many verses mostly unaccompanied.. OH So Dreary
So:? HOW did this New Folk Scene HAPPEN?

It was the Americans, with Groups like the WEAVERS, and,
Writers like Phil Ochs. And Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger.
Who wrote songs about bad times in America;
and then later, about the VIETNAN WAR, (began in 1955.)
THAT was the catalyst, When the YOUNG got involved..
Suddenly!! The Young began Protesting about War.
AND The Hippies began Shouting For Love, not War.
Guys like Pete Seeger, and Many others, wrote protest Songs,
That The Young got involved with.

One Young guy wrote a great protest song that became VERY well known. It was “There but for Fortune” A VERY strong protest song that became VERY well known and Many young singers sang it. Put in.
There But For Fortune – Phil Ochs 2.47
Phil was an important Young Writer/Singer.
He wrote hundreds of very good songs:
But unfortunately, He died young age just 36..
And; other young guys, such as Pete Seeger were writing Protest songs Like Turn, Turn Turn.
and Where Have All The Flowers Gone.
And THE BIG ONE.. “We Shall Overcome”.
The Civil Rights Movement. Was really starting to grow and it
Took this song to it’s Heart.
AND: It was on the Protest March in 1963.
That Joan Baez sang this song: She was just 21.
Put in:
Joan Baez performs “We Shall Overcome” at the March on Washington 1.37
YES: She Was Great. It Became The Protest Movement Anthem.

Now just LET ME pause for a moment to say that Joan Baez, is now on her Retirement Tour, and Next RAYS CHAT I will chat more about Joan Baez.

YES: “WE SHALL OVERCOME” Was the Young Peoples Song. It still stirs the soul even today.
Play it and Remember How Good it was, still is.

Lots of the Young Protesters were in real trouble with the American Authorities.
It was also the period of the McCarthy ANTI-COMMUNIST Purge. Many Were Banned from performing
Pete Seeger being One. and; some were imprisoned.
BUT they still wrote songs like this one that Buffy St, Marie Wrote: Put in:
Buffy Sainte-Marie – Universal Soldier 2.41
She got into a lot of trouble with the Authorities with this.
(I was lucky enough to see and hear her sing this song. A Very powerful performer.)

I also saw a very young Donovan sing this song. And he was good.,
You can hear him. Put in:
DONOVAN – The Universal Soldier 2.18

And: NOW The Young were really getting involved.
There was No Stopping this new Anti War Movement.
And, The New Young writers, Were writing Great Songs.
New Writers like Bob Dylan wrote songs
Probably one of the strongest Protest songs ever.
This was a Great New sort of Writing; and the young just LOVED
Bob Dylans songs.
This song just sort of Took Clubs over. Everybody was singing it: One of the most famous Groups at that time; They sang it: That was: Peter, Paul and Mary: Put in
Peter, Paul and Mary-The Times –“ They are a Changing” LIVE 3.26

Everybody was singing this song.
If you look up “YouTube” You will see SO MANY versions of this song.
YES: GO LOOK. It really was BIG.
Oh YES Times Were certainly Changing.

YES the late 50, 60’s: Was a GREAT New Era. And it was The Young that were Driving it.
Folk Clubs started springing-up EVERYWHERE..
Locally we had The “The “B Flat’ Club” in Solihull.
And, Jasper Carrots ”The Boggery”, And Malcolm Stents Club At “The Sherwood Pub” In Hall Green.. and The Greatest Club of all
IAN CAMPBELLS “JUG OF PUNCH”. (I was There at all of them).
Probably others I did not know about.

They were filled with THE YOUNG. And Young Singers were getting to be the guys the Clubs booked. People like a very young
DONOVAN. Put in:
Donovan- Catch The Wind(Live 1965) 2.18

Now here in 2019. Times are Changing, Again.
Our Folk Club is moving to a new Home.
YES: A New Era!​
I hope We will be as Happy as We were at The Red Lion.
And have Wonderful evenings together;
Listening to the great variety of performers Who have been Our Club Members. And Many New comers.
And of course. The Superb PEOPLE the Club has Booked for 2019

Nice Chatting to you.