April 8, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 41

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty One
And Hey!! What a Great Night we had on 6th April
When it was 60s- 70’s Night.. Some great Song Great Singers.

Last time we chatted about Mary Travers. And this time, still with The Ladies: It is going to be about Joan Baez.

Late 50’s/60’s Was the Folk Revival time.
It began in USA with the “Protest Movement”.
People like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, began writing Protest Songs. Against War.
It was the young people leading this movement. And many got into real trouble with the Authorities for their songs. Many were banned.
But it was a really fantastic time for Folk Music.
With Fantastic Songs being written and sung by New Young Folk Singers.
Both Male and Female singers.

And one of the First and youngest of the Ladies was
JOAN BAEZ. She was singing protest songs at nineteen.
And She is STILL singing today at 77.

Yes one of the GREATEST LADY FOLK SINGERS OF ALL TIME is Joan Baez. Her lovely voice just made you believe in her.
And one of her early songs was the Pete Seeger song
Where have all the Flowers Gone.
Oh this was a fantastic HIT.
Everyone sang it.. Superb song.. STILL IS.. and still so full of meaning.
Probably one of the Best protest songs of all time.
So YES we have GOT to have that:
Put in; JOAN BAEZ – Where have all the flowers Gone 3.06
OHH!! There are so many versions for you to choose from.
This one I chose one of her earlier recording when her lovely young voice was leading the young Protesters.

Another of her very great songs is:
Put in JOAN BAEZ – There But For Fortune – Television Theatre, London. 3.30
I chose this as it show how good She was even when young, and her guitar playing is superb.
She Was, and is a Wonderful artist.
And this is a Superb Song. The song was written by another Young Protester Phil Ochs who died age 36.

Another young Protest Writer/Singer was Bob Dylan.
Who knew Joan and they got to sing together at times.
I have found this Historic recording for you: Put in:
Bob Dylan Joan Baez “Blowing in the Wind” 3.58.
Well you can’t get more Historic than that.
The Writer singing his own song with the wonderful Joan Baez.

But Joan Baez sang across the board.
Not just Protest Songs.
In fact She did a Wonderful recording When her voice was set against just cellos in a Superb Recording.
This is Well Worth Listening to:
Just Her voice set against Cellos. Put in
Well you to admit that is rather Fantastic!!

Another song She recorded which was not a Protest Song: Written by “Donovan” Put in: Joan Baez – Colours 3.04

And just to show you that Joan still has Magic. Listen to this one of her later life recordings. Put in:
Joan Baez – Forever Young 3.51

But Another Song She was always associated with is: We Shall Overcome:
Put in: Joan Baez – We Shall Overcome 4.25
Yes it is Early Joan Baez…and what superb artistry She showed even at her young age.

But She wasn’t just Protest Singer; Here is a Traditional Spanish Song that I rather like.
Put in:

But Maybe She was at her very best singing,
from the heart in protest songs.
She makes you believe in her.
Like this Song I found VERY Moving;
Put in: Joan Baez – Liego con Tres Heridas 2.13
I found this most moving and just had to play it again and again.. Her voice is just Fantastically Moving.

Perhaps the one to end with is this; Put in:
Battle Hymn of the Republic – Joan Baez 3.27
What a wonderful Lady we have been privileged to hear.
A Lady who has brought . So Much Music to this sad old World.

And She has now announced that 2018 will be Her Farewell Year Tour. HAPPY RETIREMENT JOAN..
But I don’t think it will be Last we hear from you.

Good Luck and THANKS A MILLION for your Wonderful “Magic” in My life. I have listened to your wonderful voice over the Greater part of my Life.
Thank You for all your Wonderful songs.

So Folks this has been
A total Joy for me.
Bye for now
​ RAY.