February 19, 2017 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 18

Shirley Folk at the Red Lion

Hi Folks

It’s RAYS CHAT Eighteen.
Thank Goodness we are getting well towards March: and hopefully some Spring weather. It would be so nice to see the SUN.
Thank Goodness we have Friday Folk Night to cheer us up!!
AND: Notice the new Snazzy Club name!!

The Songs I recommend are ALL ON YOUTUBE.

I wonder? Just What is Folk Music?? Yes a Very difficult question! . It can be songs that have come down thro the ages,
Or someone sitting and writing HIS own songs right now..
Or Events. Happenings, That get written about.
EARL O’ MORAY being an example of that sort of Song. History in Song. And some of the sad Irish songs from the times when the potato famine caused so many to flee to America.
Or; Men being transported to Australia for some petty crime!
THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY. Being an example.
And of course; in the 60’s so many songs were Protest Songs. WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE being an example of that kind of song.
So Folk Songs tell us of History, and life, and love. And the United Kingdom has a vast heritage of the Historical kind of songs; and songs telling of the times of hardship, and disasters.
THEN there are guys that write GREAT SONGS not with any History. The American guy Tom Paxton, Writes lovely Songs and is a Great Performer: still alive and still singing, at 79, must be high on th list of Best ever Folk Singer/Writers.
And for UK: Well Harvey Andrews is One of the UKs BEST. He writes beautiful songs. And is a great performer.

Tom Paxton has been writing from early 60’s. Songs like THE LAST THING ON MY MIND. A Beautiful Song AND you have a job to find someone singing it better than Tom.
And he wrote it in 1965: And it is still being sung today.
Not only does Tom Paxton write the songs; But when he performs them it is hard to think anyone could sing it better. Listen to:
Well you got to say that is so well done. He is a lovely performer. And just listen to:
Again written in 1965 and still being sung; That MUST be high on the list of Best songs EVER.
He wrote it and No one sings it better than Tom Paxton. How can you beat that for Superb singing and writing?
Tom Paxton just MUST rate as One of the Greatest ever Folk singers. And he is still alive and performing

And YES you are right: He did write RAMBLIN BOY.
Wow!! Yes; that was always one of MY favourite Songs.
Certainly Tom Paxton is one of the GREATEST:

And: When you look at all the songs that Tom Paxton has written and sung.. well it is mind boggling. Such Talent..
I have a book of songs Tom Paxton wrote dated 1965. and EVEN then he had been writing SONGS for six years.
And that book includes RAMBLIN BOY; CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER WHERE I’M BOUND, and BOTTLE OF WINE. Yes Tom wrote the song that Neil Diamond made so famous.

So If I had to say who I think is the Number One Living;
Folk Singer/Writer: Well YES I would say TOM PAXTON.
AND: For me Harvey Andrews. Is a Great British Guy.
We looked at his career in CHAT NINE. So I won’t go on about him now. But just listen to some of his songs. YES’ Search him on Youtube. He is GREAT.

Well all I can say is I have been so lucky to live in the GREAT age of Folk. Superb Singers; many of who Wrote their own songs.
The 60’s 70s had so many Great Folk Clubs. And I was a member of the greatest of them all THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK CLUB “The Jug Of Punch” Those were MY wonderful days; and I am so very thankful I was lucky enough to belong to those days.

BUT: Thank Goodness There was a Group of guys Who got together to start THE SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB at THE RED LION.
AND: Yes I can say that I have found it to be one of the friendliest Clubs I have ever known and I am so glad that it is going from strength to strength.
AND: Did you know there are Singers from the Red Lion Folk Club; out there for you to listen to: on Youtube!! Yes and they are good. Put in
Shirley Red lion Folk Club BLOWIN IN THE WIND
Yes do go and listen; it is good.
Yes Paul, Laura and Pete do a great job of that song.
You didn’t expect that did you?

And you must also listen to the next one I am going to tell you about. Well if you come to the Club; you will know
THE TUESDAY CLUB. Great little group of guys that are getting better and better; And YES they have something out there that is good; It is FUN and Very Well done: Well I loved it,
So put in
Yes don’t miss this one. It is FUN, Some good singing, and the filming is a laugh! YES: Tuesday Club
VERY well done. Let’s have more.

SO: Don’t think I am only interested in the Oldies!! We are so lucky to have some real good NEW Boys. Did you get to the Red Lion on February 4th and hear the Trio TRICAORACH. Brilliant Song writing and Magic Sound.
There are New guys that are writing Great Stuff.​
Yes FOLK Music is VERY MUCH Alive.
And Shirley Folk Club at the Red Lion. Is doing a Great job with a mix of Old and New. Hope to see you there

I hope I am helping
You find New things.
Nice chatting to You​ RAY