November 20, 2016 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 14


Yes we are fast coming to the end of 2016, And there won’t be any more Chats until 2017
Well I hope you have been enjoying exploring the Folk Music World with me. And WOW!! it is a real trip down memory Lane this time. I’m talking about more than 60 years ago..
So: Yes this time I said we would look at SKIFFLE.
Well; Skiffle was really the start of the UK Folk Scene.
Skiffle started in the early 50’s. And by about 1956 it was really all the GO! Groups sprang up all over the place; Some quite good others; well lets just say; they had FUN:
And some groups moved on from Skiffle to FOLK.
Did you know? the Ian Campbell Folk Group STARTED as a SKIFFLE GROUP.. Yes it is True.
Oh Skiffle was just Great FUN. The thing was anyone could have a go.
Tea chests were available for a few pence; Just add a stick and some cord and you got you a base.
Borrow Dads old banjo; and get Dick down the road to come join.. Well; he’s rich, Yes he’s got a Guitar.
And there you are you got you a Skiffle Band.
And we young guys did just that. We had Great FUN; played a few gigs. Great Fun Time; and some were REAL good.

I have found an early Group.. Don’t know who they are;
BUT they are good and are the essence of Skiffle.
Just watch guy on the Washboard!!
I bet his arms ached after that bashing he gives the board.
This is GREAT STUFF: And this was the sort of stuff got us young going: GO ON: Put in FREIGHT TRAIN SKIFFLE
Unknown Group. You have to agree that this is FUN
WOW!! OH YES: Wonderful memories for me.
A group of us lads had our own Skiffle Group; it just was Wonderful days. I DON’T THINK WE WERE MUCH GOOD;

Skiffle came to UK in the 50’s and Lonnie Donegan was one of the guys that got into Skiffle: and WOW he made you love it. Yes it was SO different to Victor Sylvester and His Orchestra stuff.
That was what BBC was playing then!! (Oh You won’t remember him!!)
Yes Lonnie Donegan was just something SO NEW!
And; Freight Train became one of Lonnie Donegans favourite skiffle songs. And we kids loved it.
Lonnie did a great job of it. But I am going to choose other songs of His, in a minute or two.
Another Great Group was the CHAS McDeVITT SKIFFLE GROUP. They had a Great Lady singer called Nancy Whiskey
Listen to this one of theirs
GREEN BACK DOLLAR CHAS McDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP 2,24 You got to say Skiffle was FUN stuff.
And as I said, for some it led on to Folk.
Skiffle was the first real YOUNG PEOPLES MUSIC.

Listen to this one by Lonnie Donegan: Yes this song of Lonnies was a song WE YOUNG identified with. We loved it
IT IS JUST MAGIC STUFF.. You just got to love it;
I still love it; Memories of HAPPY DAYS. and WOW Lonnie is really good on that Banjo.. Yes go on play it again and just watch him. He is Magic. OH YES. They just don’t make ’em like that any more.
Wonderful Happy stuff: And so true of the times. Teddy Boys and Mods and Rockers. You know We young really did have Fun without any Drugs, and being Boozed up.
In fact I never had tasted beer until I was about 17 and didn’t like it much then. Never smoked till I was in the RAF doing my National Service.. and my smoking didn’t last long.
Yes Skiffle certainly was GREAT for me
Lonnie Donegan died in 2002 whilst still on tour. Felt like I lost a friend. He was a FUN part of MY life.
and probably this WAS HIS very best song:
Go on admit it You laughed!!
Oh YES: Skiffle really was FUN; We loved it.
Well I still do because it has taken me back to the great days of Youth:
Oh and of course the other thing that was Big in those days was BARN DANCING.. and SQUARE DANCING.
Oh Yes I was into that as well.
One of my mates was a member of the ‘English Folk Dance Society’ and used to run FOLK DANCES. or BARN DANCES.
Four of us used to go places running Dances:
He and his girl, and me with my girl used to demonstrate the Dances, and then break-up, and bring others on the floor.
Yes GREAT FUN. And sad memories. My Mate and his girl, later his wife, are no longer here. My girl married someone else!!
Yes: just me with memories. BOO HOO!! AHH!
I’m Glad to be still here to be here to share these Memories with you.
Yes well I hope you have listened to these GREAT SKIFFLE songs
I have Suggested to you.
If you have taken the time to listen, Then I know you have had a real GREAT time.. YES Skiffle was FUN.

So this is the last Rays Chat for this year..
Yes the Last Folk Club until 2017.
We have had some real GREAT SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB nights in 2016, so Lets look forward to 2017.
And I hope you have enjoyed going back in time with me with Rays Chats. We have chatted about some GREAT music.
I hope you have searched the web and listened to the choices I made in 2016.
Wonder what choices I will be making in 2017.

So it just remains for me to Wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS
and let us hope 2017
will bring us all Good Fortune.
And Happy Club Nights Nice chatting to You