March 2, 2015 By SimonC

Results of the Questionnaire

With apologies for my tardiness, herewith the findings of the survey of club attendees conducted before Christmas:

17 surveys completed – eight from performers, six from non performers and three didn’t say.

Of the first question, ‘what’s the best thing about the club?’ performers said (and I quote verbatim)

People who come, welcoming, warm atmosphere, good value, well compered, enthusiastic organisers, cosy and friendly atmosphere, good atmosphere and variety, welcoming (usually!), relaxed, the friendly atmosphere and the variety of good performers, friendly, regular, range of skilled performers, open and amiable, friendly people and everyone gets a chance to play, the room is very good for playing in and for atmosphere, very inclusive atmosphere, friendly and welcoming.

And non performers and didn’t say opined:

Cosy atmosphere, price, friendly, variety of acts of all standards, prepared to broaden definition of folk, friendly, variety of acts including poetry and music, welcoming to newcomers, friendly people and atmosphere, community, joining in with songs, hearing new songs, variety and friendly atmosphere, sing alongs, good not having amplification, friendly atmosphere, acceptance of all genres, enjoy the opportunity to participate, I like Ed and Barry at the end,variety, love it!

Next question, ‘is there something we’re not doing which you’d like or something you would like us to change? ‘

Performers: no, improve lighting for performers its bright but the spread is narrow, more sing along times, please carry on as we are the club is very good as it is, encourage folk songs a little more and more traditional sing along material, don’t have guests at all, put feature acts at end of evening not after the break, more women performers, possibly a greater variety of instruments, more varied performances not just guitars and voices, definitely have a PA to help quiet performers and balance instruments and voices

And non performers and those who didn’t say said: fine as it is, its fine, please ask John Kirkpatrick back, make room less cluttered by removing some tables, lighting for performers needs improvement, more seats would be good but I don’t know how that could be achieved, bring back a guest performer at least once a year, I appreciate all the effort put in and no (change needed), thank you

And then ‘do you go to other folk and acoustic nights and what do you like about them?’

Performers: one song sing around at Pershore, Warwick (good compere, good acoustics in room, raffle with really fun prizes), Stratford, I have been going to various clubs for over thirty years and this is my sort of club, Shirley acoustic club again everyone has a chance and no one dominates, tower of song blues and folk nights.

And non performers/didn’t say: Warwick, Stratford, King’s Heath, Alveston, Rowington, audience participation, rarely go anywhere else in the evening.

On the question of can you help and would you do so, one person claimed website skills but didn’t give their name and…er…that was it.