September 24, 2013 By SimonC

The Music Room at the Shirley Red Lion

It was a quiet start on Friday and for a moment I thought we might have a quiet night but I shouldn’t have worried. It seems that in honour of Sam’s usual late arrival, the rest of the audience decided to follow the same pattern but by half past eight the room was packed for a great night of music and words.

The central feature set by Sam Cornwell and the Music Room was full of original songs by all three players and was a great eclectic mix of style and instrumentation. They were ably supported by floor spots from Simon, Simeon, Paul, John, Finbar, Marten, Diane, the Tuesday Club and the evening was rounded off with a few roistering songs from Where’s Mary.

The next session is on 4th October when Geoff will be hosting a Performer’s Night, a full night of floor spots.