April 7, 2012 By Paul

A Good Old Sing!

5th April – Performer’s Night

With so many people away for the Easter weekend I was worried that I might be singing to myself tonight. Oh ye of little faith – over 20 people turned up and the evening evolved into one of those more intimate nights that we occasionally have when the attendance is low. The variety and quality of performances was as good as ever with great contributions from John, Simeon, Barry (a rare chance to hear Barry singing on his own) and Finbar. We welcomed Mo to the club for the first time and what a lovely voice she has! Quiet Joys of Brotherhood sung so beautifully was a real treat and Mo was certainly one of the stars of the evening. She has promised to return!

The big star of the evening, however, was the excellent Laura. Our planned MC was unable to make it so about 10 minutes before we were due to start I asked Laura if she fancied doing it. She didn’t say no! Laura proved herself to be a natural doing a great job of managing the evening and entertaining us with some great songs. What a star!

The evening ended with a raucous singalong including a West Country spot with Widdecombe Fair and Drink Up Thy Cider followed by John, Barry and Laura leading us all through the Wild Mountain Thyme. Lovely.

We do it all again on 20th April. A warm welcome awaits!