February 20, 2012 By Paul

Songwriter’s Circle

17th February 2012 – Songwriter’s Circle

A warm, relaxed feeling came over us all on Friday night as we enjoyed the songwriter’s circle featuring Simon, Pete and Simeon. Each songwriter introduced a song and talked a bit about the inspiration behind it before performing it. The format gave us a very different experience to the usual two song spots and worked really well. Thoroughly enjoyable all round – look out for a repeat performance at some point in the future programme.

Songwriters Circle

The rest of the evening followed our usual Performer’s Night format which was kicked off by a huge mob of people singing Feel So Near. Regulars Ric, Marten, Ray and Barry & Ed all showed off their customary fine style. We also saw the welcome return of Sam, Nigel and Mickey along with a first time performance from Alan whose guitar style perfectly complemented his own very personal songs.

Next up is the concert at the Dovehouse Theatre on Saturday 25th which is now almost sold out, the last few tickets are available from Ric.

Our next club meeting is on 2nd March when we will have a performer’s night with all welcome so, if you haven’t been before, or for a while, do come along.