January 17, 2010 By Tarmac

The inaugural night

Hello all

Well, the first meeting happened and everyone I’ve spoken with seems to think we have got off to a good start. Thanks to everyone who was there either performing or listening and thanks to all those who have been in touch to say you will be coming to future meetings.

Lots of work is now going on behind the scenes to build on our good start so please, if you have got any comments or feedback, let us have it!

Thanks to Tarmac we already have an embryonic web site where you can find the dates of the next few meetings. The site will develop rapidly so it will be worth keeping an eye on!

Next meeting is 28th January and it will take the same format as the first meeting – a singer’s night with two song spots and additional spots as time allows. From the next meeting we will open at 7.45 and the first spot will be at 8.00.

I hope to see you all next time and please keep putting the word out.